Basketball, A Popular Sport for Young Generations

Who doesn't know basketball? It is one sport that many people love, either men or women, young and old. The story of basketball was started back in 1891 when a sport teacher in Canada, James Naismit, created a new sport as an alternative to American Football and Baseball. Basketball consists of 2 teams who must collect as much points as possible during the game, and the team with more points will be the winner.

Chinese Immigrants introduced basketball to Indonesia back in 1920s, which made basketball as a popular sport among the Chinese people in Indonesia. As time goes by, basketball became more popular and played by more people in Indonesia until it finally included as one the sports in the Indonesian National Sporting Week (PON) 1948, which was the first PON ever held in the country. Basketball then became more popular, which was followed by the launch of PERBASI (Indonesia's Basketball Association) in 1953 that conducted a professional male basketball league called National Basketball League (NBL) and Women's National Basketball League (WNNBL).

As one of the popular sports in Indonesia that attracts more and more young generations with a passion of becoming professional basketball athletes, Biznet is confident to make basketball as one sport that needs to be supported, so basketball in Indonesia can continue to grow, both locally and internationally. Through Biznet Basketball, Biznet has been supporting several basketball championships in Indonesia and supported one of the most promising young basketball athletes in Indonesia, Vemiga Michael.

Biznet's support was done by having Vamiga Michael as part of Biznet's #PakeBiznet digital campaign, which is a compilation of inspirational videos on how Internet supports young generations to be creative and give positive contributions for others. Curious to know the story, click here for the video.