Biznet Submarine Cable Network

As part of Biznet Fiber network, Biznet Submarine Cable Network provides inter-island connectivity with high-speed Internet networks that can support the digital needs in Indonesia.

Inter-Island Network for the Best Connectivity in Indonesia.

The development of Biznet Submarine Cable Networks is also accompanied by Biznet’s network expansion to more areas in Indonesia, with the hope of providing a solution in connecting the Biznet Fiber network between islands, so that more people in Indonesia can be connected with faster and more reliable Internet services from Biznet.

Biznet Nusantara Cable System (BNCS-1)

Since January 2022, Biznet launched the first submarine fiber optic cable network named Biznet Nusantara Cable System (BNCS-1), that connects networks between Java, Sumatra and Bangka Islands.

BNCS-1 network consists of 24 pairs (48 cores) of Fiber Optic using the latest Dense Wavelength Division Multiplexing (DWDM) technology. Each 1 pair (2 cores) of Fiber Optic cable can transmit data of 96 x 400 Gbps = 38.4 Tbps. It means that ith 24 pairs, BNCS-1 network has a total capacity of 24 x 38.4 Tbps = 921.6 Tbps. The capacity of this network can be increased in accordance with developments of DWDM technology.

Biznet Nusantara Cable System (BNCS-2)

As Biznet’s initiative to provide equal Internet access across Indonesia, Biznet will soon continue the development of submarine fiber optic cable network through Biznet Nusantara Cable System-2 (BNCS-2).


Menggunakan kabel double armor proteksi terbaik untuk kabel jaringan bawah laut.


Seluruh fasilitas kami dilengkapi dan didukung oleh tim keamanan selama 24 jam setiap hari.


4 Biznet Cable Landing Station di Serang Anyar, Lampung Selatan Kalianda, Banyuasin Sungsang, Bangka Barat Muntok.


Memiliki fasilitas Colocation terkini untuk para pemain jasa telekomunikasi.