Esports, A New Kind of Sport with Promising Future

Asian Games 2018 that was conducted in Jakarta and Palembang might be over, but every historical moments that happened during the biggest sporting event in Asia will always be remembered by all of us. Aside from the amazing and memorable moments of Asian Games 2018 Opening Ceremony, there were other moments that were also historical and one of them is the moment when Esports officially entered the list of sports that are being competed in the Asian Games 2018 agenda, for the first time ever in the history of Asian Games. It has proven that Esports has been acknowledged as one sport that more and more people love, in Indonesia and worldwide.

Esports came to Indonesia because we have more access to technology, especially the growing Internet technology. Faster Internet access has pushed the growth of games and gadgets in Indonesia. Esports is actually a game played online and can be competed in groups or individuals. In reality, Esports has been around for quite sometime now. Baquipe site, which is one of the international Esports sites, states that Esports was being competed for the first time at Standford Universisity on 19 October 1972.

In Indonesia, the era of Esports was started back in the year 2000. Back then games like Counter Strike, DotA, League of Legends, StarCraft, and Mobile Legends, where most of them are multiplayers-based online games, are growing significantly. Major tournaments are being conducted offering amazing prizes. The popularity of multiplayers-based online games has attracted more attention from many people, and the recent Esports Presidential Cup 2019 that was held by IESPL, in cooperation with the Government, proved it.

Biznet as the leading Internet service provider in Indonesia gives full support to the development of Esports in Indonesia by providing high-quality Internet services, including a special service that support games to play online games. Biznet also supports two of the best Esports teams in Indonesia, RRQ and Onic who have won many tournaments, both in Indonesia and abroad, which made them Biznet’s Official Esports Teams. We hope that the support given by Biznet can become a motivation and able to inspire young Esports athletes to continue taking Esports in Indonesia to International stage.