Biznet Hospitality offers integrated solution of Biznet Dedicated Internet and Biznet Cable TV services with low investment and better operation for hotel, dormitory, service apartment and hospital.

The hospitality industry is highly competitive. Today's travelers expect the highest level of service, and amenities like high-speed Internet, wireless access and Cable TV are now becoming important factors for guest satisfaction. With Biznet Hospitality, we can help you to increase the guest experience, as well as providing you and your teams with the technologies to boost efficiency and improve communications.

Biznet Dedicated Internet Service

Biznet Dedicated Line service offers premium Internet Access service for your users, can be distributed via wired or wireless solutions throughout your property. Speeds are customizable to your needs and can be easily installed an upgraded without disrupting your business.

Biznet Cable TV

By using Biznet Cable TV solution, you don't need to invest for MATV system, which require higher investment, bigger equipment room, hassle operation and analog picture quality without access to deliver HD contents. We can use your existing coaxial distribution cable network and integrated with our headend video system.

Connect Properties and Head Office

By using our Biznet DataComm service over our extensive Biznet Fiber network in over 160 cities in Indonesia, we can connect your properties to your Head Office securely for reservations, procurement, Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), IP CCTV Monitoring and more.

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