The Internet has become an important networking infrastructure to support business and personal communication applications. To support this, Biznet Global Transit is the best option for a stable and reliable solution for redundant connection using BGP4 protocol.

As one of the leading telecommunication companies in Asia, Biznet Global Transit to use redundant devices, direct connection to several Biznet GlobalPOP with multiple Tier-1 providers and leading internet exchanges in the world, to ensure the fastest route to destination server. By using this service, it eliminates the difficulty in peering negotiations with content providers in Asia, Europe and America.

Biznet Global Transit provides the best Internet experience. We provide Service Level Agreement (SLA) of 99.8%, the lowest packet loss and latency, connection to the Internet Exchange uses multiple redundant leading to submarine cables. Many telecom operators, ISPs and large companies have been using this network since 2000.

Biznet Premiere Care is the main heart of our service to customers. Network performance is continually monitored 24x7 at 2 (two) locations of Biznet Global Network Operation Center facility in Jakarta, Indonesia. The system supports multiple levels are used to ensure the issue is resolved in a short time and reduce downtime for you and your customer satisfaction.

Biznet GlobalPOP are available in Singapura. Biznet will continue to expand the GlobalPOP network.

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