Make sure your home, office and property are connected with Biznet Fiber, the fastest and most reliable Fiber Optic network in Indonesia.

With the growing demand for an Internet connection, Data Communication and Cable TV, demand for the high quality and more reliable network become crucial, especially if the services are supported packed with affordable price and excellent customer service. In order to meet the demand, Biznet now offer with more services for home and business users, to support your daily digital activity. With continues development of Biznet Fiber network and supported by young professionals, we believe that Indonesian cities will be listed as one of the best Cyber Cities in the world.

Solution for office, housing and apartment management

In this information age, telecommunication and multimedia have become an important communication tool. That is why Biznet has come up with solution for office, housing and apartment management that would like to increase their tenants' satisfaction while at the same time increasing their property value and revenue. Biznet offers various type of Internet, Data Communication and IPTV services, from residential to large enterprise, depending on the requirement and budget.

We are looking for a mutual benefit partnership that would need a very minimal investment or participation from the property owner. With hundreds of satisfied property partners and growing, it proves our services are excellent. Service quality is our top priority, we keep expanding our Biznet Fiber coverage area and implementing the latest technology available in the market today.

Benefits for the property owner:

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