The increasing demand for a fast and stable Internet connection in Trenggalek Regency has grabbed the attention of the local government. One of the supports given by the government is by pushing the expansion of Internet connection coverage in more areas in Trenggalek Regency to support the growing people’s online activities. Moreover, the government is also supporting the availability of free WiFi connection in many areas within Trenggalek Regency. Aside from the needs to support students in carrying out online learning process, the availability of free WiFi zones on Trenggalek Regency is hoped to support the community in making smooth online activities by using free WiFi connection in the city.

To support the government of Trenggalek Regency in the availability of high quality Internet and WiFi connection for the community, Biznet that has been officially available in Trenggalek Regency since 2021 is providing Internet services that can support various digital activities that continue to grow significantly in Trenggalek Regency. In the district, Biznet Internet service is not only available in housing and residential areas, but also in many public facilities that people can access for free, including in schools and hospitals.

Biznet Branch Offices in Trenggalek Regency

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Biznet Broadband Internet Comparison

Biznet Home

Internet service for home/apartment users.

  • Symmetrical download and upload
  • Accommodate 1-40 gadgets including computers / tablets / smartphones
  • Speed from 100 - 250 Mbps
  • Dynamic Private/Public IP Address
  • Email, web browsing, video streaming
  • Prepaid payment method
  • Monthly fee from Rp 375,000
Biznet Metronet

Internet service for SMB (Small Medium Business).

  • Symmetrical download and upload
  • Accommodate 1-80 gadgets including computers / tablets / smartphones
  • Speed from 50 - 750 Mbps
  • Dynamic Private/Public IP Address
  • Email, web browsing, download, video conference
  • Prepaid payment method
  • Monthly free from Rp 1,000,000
Biznet Dedicated Internet

Internet service for large-scale company with large bandwidth requirements.

  • Free of Fair Usage Policy (FUP) / Unlimited Quota
  • Symmetrical download and upload
  • Accommodate 1-80 gadgets including computers / tablets / smartphones
  • Speed from 60 Mbps - 10 Gbps
  • Static Public IP Address
  • Email, web browsing, download, VPN, video conference
  • Postpaid payment method
  • Monthly fee from Rp 6,000,000

#PakeBiznet Now!

1. Biznet Fiber will cover all areas throughout Trenggalek Regency

In 2020 Biznet will expand our network and coverage area in Trenggalek Regency, in order to provide the best WiFi Internet to support business and tourism activities that have been transformed to online methods as well as to support students' school from home activities.

Under development
Plan Route 2022 - 2028
Existing Route
Branch Office

If your housing complex or property are still not covered by Biznet Fiber network, please contact our team via Live Chat or email to

2. Stable & Fast Internet

To support Work from Home and School from Home activities, a stable and fast WiFi Internet service is the main requirements for people to have a smooth digital activities.

3. The Best Price

Biznet offers the best service packages designed to meet customers from various segments including corporations, SMBs, or individuals/home users.

About Trenggalek Regency

Tranggalek Regency is one the districts in East Java Province, located around 180 km from Surabaya City, which the capital city of East Java Province. As one of the district located in the coastline of South Beach, Trenggalek Regency has various tourism spots that you must visit for their untouched natural beauty including caves, beach and also mountains.

One of the most famous spots is Lowo Cave, located 30 km in the southeast of Trenggalek Regency. It was said that Lowo Cave is one of the biggest natural caves in Southeast Asia with 800 meter of length, nine main rooms and several small rooms. Trenggalek Regency also has plenty of beach spots famous for their natural beauty such as Prigi Beach, White Sand Beach, Pelang Beach, and Ngampiran Beach. Trenggalek City Square is also known as the favourite spots for the people of Trenggalek Regency and it was mostly crowded during Friday nights, and also the main location for various entertainments during the Independence Day of Indonesia.