Pamanukan is part of Kabupaten Subang, West Java. Pamanukan District area has a strategic location, because it is located on the crossing of the state road (Pantura Line) with a provincial road that connects the North Coast region (pantura) of West Java with Bandung.

Despite the small area, Pamanukan has certain charm with attractive tourist destinations. Pondok Bali Beach is one of the holiday spots for tourists. Moreover, there are other spots that you don't want to miss when visiting Pamanukan such as Cirewang Beach, where you will pass Mangrove Forest using boats to reach the beach.

As a city with many creative young generations, Pamanukan has been covered by a fast and reliable Internet service from Biznet since 2014, one of Indonesia's leading Internet service providers.

Biznet Branch Pamanukan

Jl. Eyang Tirtapraja No.51, Pamanukan,
Kabupaten Subang, Jawa Barat 41254