As the capital city, East Nusa Tenggara can be said as the heart of the province. Apart from being the center of economy, Kupang City is also the center of flight and crossing traffic. Being a central city, of course, must have the availability of infrastructure, especially in communication networks and also Internet connection. In Kupang City, the number one activity that supports the economy is stockbreeding. Therefore, Balai Besar Pelatihan Peternakan (BBPP) always provides regular and efficient training to breeders. Currently, the Internet connection is highly required, one of which is to support this farming training so the programs can reach hundreds or even thousands of other breeders and trigger optimism for the future of stockbreeding in Kupang City.

To continue advancing Kupang City in all its sectors, Biznet has been available in Kupang City since 2021 and has participated in presenting Internet services for the people of Kupang City. Biznet is here by providing fast and stable Internet services to continue to support people's digital activities and develop the creativity of the Kupang City communities.

Biznet Branch Offices in Kupang City

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Biznet Broadband Internet Comparison

Biznet Home

Internet service for home/apartment users.

  • Symmetrical download and upload
  • Accommodate 1-40 gadgets including computers / tablets / smartphones
  • Speed from 30-50 Mbps
  • Dynamic Private/Public IP Address
  • Email, web browsing, video streaming
  • Prepaid payment method
  • Monthly fee from
    Rp 450,000
Biznet Metronet

Internet service for SMB (Small Medium Business).

  • Symmetrical download and upload
  • Accommodate 1-80 gadgets including computers / tablets / smartphones
  • Speed from 30 - 75 Mbps
  • Dynamic Private/Public IP Address
  • Email, web browsing, download, video conference
  • Prepaid payment method
  • Monthly free from
    Rp 2,000,000
Biznet Dedicated Internet

Internet service for large-scale company with large bandwidth requirements.

  • Free of Fair Usage Policy (FUP) / Unlimited Quota
  • Symmetrical download and upload
  • Accommodate 1-80 gadgets including computers / tablets / smartphones
  • Speed from 20 Mbps - 10 Gbps
  • Static Public IP Address
  • Email, web browsing, download, VPN, video conference
  • Postpaid payment method
  • Monthly fee from
    Rp 13,000,000

#PakeBiznet Now!

1. Biznet Fiber will cover all areas throughout Kupang City

In 2021 Biznet will expand our network and coverage area in Kupang City, in order to provide the best WiFi Internet to support business and tourism activities that have been transformed to online methods as well as to support students' school from home activities.

Plan Route 2022 - 2028

If your housing complex or property are still not covered by Biznet Fiber network, please contact our team via Live Chat or email to sales@biznetnetworks.com.

2. Stable & Fast Internet

To support Work from Home and School from Home activities, a stable and fast WiFi Internet service is the main requirements for people to have a smooth digital activities.

3. The Best Price

Biznet offers the best service packages designed to meet customers from various segments including corporations, SMBs, or individuals/home users.

About Kupang City

Kupang City infrastructure has also been built to support tourism in East Nusa Tenggara (NTT) such as Labuan Bajo City. Infrastructure development is carried out in an integrated method, starting from regional arrangement, public roads, the availability of raw and clean water, waste management, sanitation, and improving people's housing by considering environmental, social and economic aspects. Not inferior to other islands in the NTT region which were previously popular, Kupang City also offers tourist destinations that are no less intriguing. Tourist attractions in Kupang City are dominated by interesting natural attractions. There is Lasiana Beach, which is the most famous beach in Kupang City and always packed of tourists. This beach offers an amazing view of palm and coconut trees. In this beach there are also lopo-lopo, which is a typical Timorese building.

Apart from the tourist attractions, it would be incomplete if we don’t talk about the culinary specialties of this region. One of the culinary delights that is currently being discussed is the typical Se'i Beef from Kupang City, NTT. Se'i meat is meat that is cooked with smoke and heat from the burning wood with a distinctive lu'at chili sauce. Lu'at chili sauce is made from chilies, lime and lu'at leaves. Another complement is sauteed papaya flowers or cassava leaves. In the smoking process, the meat is covered with kosambi leaves so that the aroma is more absorbent. This smoking can take up to nine hours. So, are you keen on visiting Kupang City, yet?