Karangasem Regency, with Amlapura City as the capital city, was famous around the world during Mount Agung’s eruption. The district that is located in the east side of Bali is also called as “Bumi Lahar” because of its history and development that cannot be separated from the dynamic life surrounding the Mount Agung. This also applies to the growth of culture, economy and technology in the midst of society, including how Karangasem Regency is ready to face the digital era, one of which is by implementing e-government. Moreover, the government of Karangasem Regency also continue answering people’s need for high quality Internet access in this district.

In line with this, Biznet that has been available in Karangasem Regency since 2017, providing fast and stable Internet service that can support various digital activities in this area. Moreover, Biznet also provides Biznet WiFi, free-access Internet WiFi service that is available in several public spaces including education institution, hospital, park, and others. Biznet is also committed to expand its networks in Amlapura City Karangasem Regency so that more people in this area can enjoy the high quality Internet access from Biznet.

Biznet Branch Offices in Karangasem Regency

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Biznet Broadband Internet Comparison

Biznet Home

Internet service for home/apartment users.

  • Symmetrical download and upload
  • Accommodate 1-40 gadgets including computers / tablets / smartphones
  • Speed from 100 - 250 Mbps
  • Dynamic Private/Public IP Address
  • Email, web browsing, video streaming
  • Prepaid payment method
  • Monthly fee from Rp 375,000
Biznet Metronet

Internet service for SMB (Small Medium Business).

  • Symmetrical download and upload
  • Accommodate 1-80 gadgets including computers / tablets / smartphones
  • Speed from 50 - 750 Mbps
  • Dynamic Private/Public IP Address
  • Email, web browsing, download, video conference
  • Prepaid payment method
  • Monthly free from Rp 1,000,000
Biznet Dedicated Internet

Internet service for large-scale company with large bandwidth requirements.

  • Free of Fair Usage Policy (FUP) / Unlimited Quota
  • Symmetrical download and upload
  • Accommodate 1-80 gadgets including computers / tablets / smartphones
  • Speed from 60 Mbps - 10 Gbps
  • Static Public IP Address
  • Email, web browsing, download, VPN, video conference
  • Postpaid payment method
  • Monthly fee from Rp 6,000,000

#PakeBiznet Now!

1. Biznet Fiber network will cover all areas throughout Karangasem Regency

In 2020 Biznet will expand our network and coverage area in Karangasem Regency, in order to provide the best WiFi Internet to support business and tourism activities that have been transformed to online methods as well as to support students' school from home activities.

Under development
Plan Route 2022 - 2028
Existing Route
Branch Office

If your housing complex or property are still not covered by Biznet Fiber network, please contact our team via Live Chat or email to sales@biznetnetworks.com.

2. Stable & Fast Internet

To support Work from Home and School from Home activities, a stable and fast WiFi Internet service is the main requirements for people to have a smooth digital activities.

3. The Best Price

Biznet offers the best service packages designed to meet customers from various segments including corporations, SMBs, or individuals/home users.

About Karangasem Regency

Highlighting a slogan of "Karangasem The Spirit of Bali", Karangasem Regency presents tourist attractions with local Balinese original identity. In Karangasem Regency, there are many spiritual tourism spots that are rich of historical and cultural values that have been known all over the world. Some of them are Pura Besakih, which is the biggest Pura in Bali and even the world, Telaga Waja, Taman Ujung, Candidasa, Tirta Gangga, Desa Tenganan, Labuak Amuk, Lempuyang, Bukit Asah, Pelukatan Jaga Satru, and of course, Mount Agung.

In addition to that, trip to Karangasem Regency is not complete without tasting its’ signature dishes such as Sela Rice, rice that is mixed with sweet potato; Pepes and Pelecing Telengis; and also Serapah Satay, which made from chicken skin and innards with special sauce that is different from satay in general.