Synchronize Festival 2018

  • 16 October 2019

Music concerts can be considered as the kind of event that most people have always been waiting for, young or old, anywhere in the world. Having fun with friends and sing along with hundreds, even thousands of other audiences are some of the fun experiences that you will enjoy when you are at a music concert. Many promoters in Indonesia hold music concerts and festivals various music genres and inviting both local and international musicians.

One of the successful music festivals in Indonesia is probably the Synchronize Festival. In 2018, this cross-generation music festival and cross-genre Synchronize Festival 2018 was held again in Jakarta. Just last the previous year, the 2018 festival was conducted at Gambir Expo, Kemayoran, Central Jakarta starting from 5- 7 October 2018. Synchronize Festival 2018 is an annual music festival that features more than 100 famous and talented musicians from various music genres. The third annual Synchronize Festival was performing six stages called Dynamic Stage, Lake Stage, Forest Stage, District Stage, Gigs Stage and XYZ Stage. It was presenting special performances from Dewa 19 Reunion feat. Ari Lasso and Once Mekel, Jamrud, Padi Reborn and Nasida Ria, which are among a long list of musicians that performed at the event. In additional to music performances, visitors can also watch movies played in a mini movie theatres provided at the venue.

As one of the leading Internet service providers in Indonesia, Biznet via Biznet Music is also giving full supports to activities such as music festivals that encourage young generations in Indonesia to explore their creativity. Seeing how successful previous Synchronize Festivals from time to time, for the first time ever Biznet finally supported Synchronize Festival 2018 and became the Official Internet Provider of the event that provides free Wi-Fi for all audiences during the event. Moreover, Biznet also provides a cozy spot for all visitors to relax and enjoy free ice cream provided at Biznet booth while waiting for the performance of their favorite musicians.

Internet holds a crucial role for the success of Synchronize Festival 2018, which was started from the early research phase up to the phase of digital promotion activities that successfully attracted people to come to Synchronize Festival 2018. Internet was also used to support many technical systems used for the event�s activities and process, including the ticketing and registration process. Internet was considered as a highly crucial utility especially for the visitors; since they were able easily upload videos or photos of the event to their own social media instantly. By becoming the Official Internet Provider of Synchronize Festival 2018, Biznet hopes to be able to support the development of music industry in Indonesia, and by supporting music festivals, may all music lovers in Indonesia can continue to maintain, develop and grow Indonesian music as the price of our country. Moreover, to bring out positive values that encourage young generations to continue making good music loved by many.