Jakarta Sneakers Day 2019

  • 16 October 2019

Sneakers. It can be considered as a common term for many people today. It is known as the name for sport shoes. In Indonesia, sneakers has become a trend, which can be seen in the evolving function of sneakers, from a shoes for sport activity to one of the fashion items used by many people to support their daily activities.

With the high number of people who love sneakers, there are many communities that are formed as well as sneakers-related events being held every year. For sneakers lovers, there is one event that they will never want to miss, which is Jakarta Sneaker Day (JSD). JSD was held for the third time in 2019. Carrying The Rise of Sneaker Culture as this year’s theme, JSD was held at The Hall Senayan City back on 7-9 February 2019.

This annual event brings together sneakers communities and sneakers sellers in Jakarta, which aims to supports the growth of sneakers both in Indonesia and other countries. Not only imported sneakers outside Indonesia, there were also sneakers made by local brands, which can be found at this event. Some of young Indonesian designers also collaborated in producing high quality sneakers. This year, the total number of Jakarta Sneaker Day 2019’s visitors reached more than 20,000 people. This high number of visitors can be seen from the long queue line and from the full-house event. We cannot deny that Internet has an important role for this event, where Internet helps the committee in promoting the event widely through various digital platforms.

As one of the companies with a commitment to support positive activities of young Indonesian generations, Biznet sees Jakarta Sneaker Day 2019 as an event that has positive values, especially in growing young generation’s passion, and how this event can support the growth of creative economy in Indonesia.

Therefore, Biznet collaborates with Jakarta Sneaker Day 2019 and have a chance to become the Official Internet Provider of this event for the second time. The committee said that there is a high demand both from visitors and all tenants of this event for a reliable Internet service since they have to promote and upload content to their social media platforms. Moreover, most of the payment transaction is now going online, which also need reliable Internet connection. In line with this, as an Official Internet Provider of Jakarta Sneaker Day 2019, Biznet provided free Wi-Fi service for all visitors during the event. Biznet hopes that this service can support all digital activities during the event as well as can give positive contribution for creative culture in sneakers industry.