Music, A Universal Language that Touches the Heart of Many People

Music is a universal language that everyone in the world understands. According to David Ewen, the auhor of dozens of books about music from the US, music is defined an art science about the combination of rhythm and tones, vocal and instrumental, which includes melody and harmony as an expression of everything that needs to be expressed, especially in terms of emotional aspects. We must admit that music has become a very important part of our life and has affected our life with a combination of tones and voices that create rhythm, melody, tempo and harmony.

There are lots of music genres growing and being created today. Starting from classical to popular genres such as Jazz, Blues, Funk, Rock, Metal, Electronic, Reggae, Hip hop, Techno and also Pop. Pop has become one music genre that can be considered as the most popular among others because of it's light and easy listening rhythm, which can bring people to sing along with the melody. Currently, we can all be proud of Indonesian musicians and music creations, and there are some of Indonesian musicians who have expanded their career to the international stage.

As an important part of our life, music is not only here to entertain us, but music can also change our mood and help us to concentrate better. Music can also make our body relax and calm so we can have better sleep quality for better stamina in doing our activities. Biznet sees music as a universal language that we need to develop so we can continue giving positive influence to whoever listens to it, and to become an inspiration for young musicians to continue creating music with new innovations, in order to grow music industry in Indonesia.

As a form of Biznet's support and appreciation to music in Indonesia, Biznet is collaborating with many well known musicians in Indonesia, including Sheila On 7, Andra and The Backbone, Kotak, Nidji, Armada, and GAC. Not only collaborating with Pop musicians, Biznet is also collaborating with musicians from various genres including Reggae with Steven and The Coconut Treez, Rock with Endank Soekamti, and Electronic with DJ Dipha Barus. Biznet's collaboration with musicians is being realized by conducting Biznet Festival, an event full of creativity and music entertainment from Indonesia's leading musicians.